Materials Used For Making The Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Whether it is a formal gathering or informal one wearing tie box Australia is a must. Women wear different types of jewellery is a common trend among women of all ages. To keep the jewellery safe from any kind of damage the jewellery boxes are used. These boxes come in different shapes, sizes and materials. The popular materials used for making the jewellery boxes are as follows:

Cardboard and paper boxes are in use for years. These boxes are used for giving gifts. They are small and have a compact space inside them. Usually they are meant for single piece jewellery. The comparatively larger paper boxes are great for general usage. Their interior is made secure with the fabric lining. They can be carried around easily for they are light in weight and very easy to manage. The paper and cardboard boxes are a great DIY project too.

Wooden boxes are the most used type of boxes. They are in use for ages. The wooden carved boxes are a great choice for those who want to have something antique and traditional on the dressers. The wooden boxes can be of different sizes. The size depends on the number of compartments. As wood can be damaged with the moisture or the pests, therefore, these boxes can get damaged very easily but despite this these boxes still make a good choice.

Leather boxes are not fully made out of leather. Actually, it is a box of any material that is covered from both inside and outside with the leather cover. It is a great option for the affordable modern jewelry box of both the genders. The leather is preferred by the women due to its intricate and sophisticated look while the men like it for the appearance has a manly touch to it. A great variation of the lather is the faux leather that is mostly used in the products.

Glass boxes are used by the women of style. These boxes are delicate and fragile. As they allow seeing into the box, therefore, these boxes are used to keep the jewellery that is fitted with the precious stones. They do not have many compartments so that that all that you put inside these boxes are seen clearly. These boxes have to be dealt with very carefully as they can get damaged with the slight jerk.

Velvet boxes are similar to the leather boxes but the difference is that here instead of leather the inner box has a covering of fine velvet. Te design, colour and style can vary from box to box, but the overall look is not less than the royal grandeur. The price of these boxes depends on the kind of velvet used for making the boxes. The finer the velvet the more it would cost.

Metal boxes are one of the most traditional types of boxes that are being used to keep the jewellery of all kinds. They come in both heavy and light option. They look rustic and glamorous. They are hard to maintain as some metals get damaged with the passage of time.