Wedding planners and stylist are the trend these days and why not, they make planning weddings at Gold Coast so much easier and tension free. One such company that makes wedding planning easier for all those living in Australia is Circle of Love. Their mission is to design your wedding ceremonies with excellence, utmost sophistication, ensuring that it reflects elegance and nothing else. As an organization, their goal is to arrange for an event that is unique in its own right, such that it reflects your personality as a couple. This makes each and every event custom designed, because they listen to all their clients, suggest them ideas and plan accordingly.

They are one of the top wedding planners in Australia, and the amount of awards they have won in the past decade is a proof of this. From the year 2013 to 2018 they have been winning the “Independent Wedding Consultant” and they have also one “5 star Excellence” award in the years 2013 to 2017 continuously. Their services are such that it allows the bride and groom to relax and enjoy their event to the fullest.  You would need services of the team at Circle of Love for the following reasons: their team will help you in pulling off a great event, even if you have a limited budget. In addition, they also take care of the legal matters. They ensure that the event is pulled off without any unwanted drama, be it delay in delivery of cake or flowers etc.

The Circle of Love is managed by a great team, as nothing but a team effort can pull off great events. The company is directed by Kim Williams, who began her career as a photographer at an audio visual company. She has rendered her services at various product launches, and events in the corporate sector. She is best known for her attention to minute of details, efficient management of time and a great sense of responsibility when it comes to customer satisfaction. In the year 2009, she started dealing with couples on a personal level, planning their wedding.  And soon joined Circle of Love as a franchisor, rendering hers services and skills for the larger benefit of the community.

In addition to weddings, the team at Circle of love holds expertise in organizing other important events in your life, be it engagement parties, birthdays, bridal showers, anniversary, naming of children and much more. The key to organize a successful event is to style it well and this is what the team at Circle of Love is expert at doing. Whether your child wants a Disney themed inspired birthday party, or of a favorite cartoon character, Circle of Love will arrange it for you. The best part is that they organize events for people with all kinds of budgets. So if you were worried about the finances before, then you need not to do so now.